Hole no. 14

Choose from different options how to get over Smolíček pond


What's going on in the resort?

Par 4
Stroke Index 16
Time for hole 0:15
Time from 1st tee 3:21
353 m
331 m
310 m
282 m
241 m

This visually intimidating hole starts the challenging stretch of closing holes.

There is no secret to this hole, a big drive carrying all the trouble makes the hole a lot less difficult. But the golfer has to be aware that this is another hole that plays into the prevailing wind.

Some golfers can choose to lay up. Carefully think about this option as you leave yourself a very difficult approach shot.

A highly undulating green protected by two green side bunkers and false front make this target much smaller than it appears. Front hole locations require a light touch as the green slope towards the fairway. Par is considered as good score.

Birdie card for the 14th hole

Fly over the hole

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Local rules

  • Out of bounds marked by the footpath on the left side and behind the green.
  • Penalty areas - the pond and the stream marked by yellow stakes.
  • Sandy Wasters – areas with yellow sand on the left side of the fairway. Grounding your club is promoted here.