Junior Group

We have made a long-term commitment to support juniors in competitive golf


What's going on in the resort?

Concept and vision of Junior Group

The Junior Group program was founded at Black Bridge in 2013. It gathers junior golf talents aged from 9 to 15 years, gives them a high-level practice facilities and helps them start on their sports career.

Since 2021, Vojtěch Dostál is the Head Coach of Junior Group. Besides that, he also acts as a coach of regional training group Západ-B and cooperates with other golf coaches in our resort.

For all its members Junior Group provides:

  • intensive individual and group golf lessons provided by an experienced team of instructors (Lukáš Martinec, Matti Erlebach, Jiří Holý, Martin Kubricht, Petr Niedermirtl, Mgr. Eva Koželuhová, Jan Hejna),
  • golf camps in the Czech Republic or in foreign countries,
  • organized trips to the Czech Amateur Tour events,
  • winter preparation (physical training and a golf camp abroad),
  • training of other activities related to golf game (e.q. course management or sports psychology).

Junior Group is financed from four pillars:

The Junior Group concept is successful from the very beginning in both personal performance and competitive results. Most children have achieved a significant game improvement.

Since 2015, we have managed to obtain the status of Junior Training Centre, so we comply with the methodology of Czech Golf Federation regarding youth golf.

Supported players HCP
Junior Group players with Black Bridge golf club support:
Petráňová Laura (d.o.b. 2006) 1,2
Trávníčková Nela (d.o.b. 2005) 1,8
Holeček Karel jun. (d.o.b. 2006) 2,6
Guanova ZiLing (d.o.b. 2006) 3,1
Popper Adam (d.o.b. 2005) 3,3
Dittrich Antonín (d.o.b. 2004) 4,9
Erreguin Marco Andrea (2004) 5,1
Mizlerová Laura (d.o.b. 2005) 6,2
Mach Ondřej (d.o.b. 2007) 6,6
Zeman Karolina (d.o.b. 2007) 7,4
Vácha Jan (d.o.b. 2008) 8,9
Mülbachová Natálie (d.o.b. 2007) 9,1
Tejkl Richard jun. (d.o.b. 2010) 9,2
Jaroš Jakub (d.o.b. 2007) 9,5
Della Pietra Federico (d.o.b. 2008) 9,6
Pařík Robin Gregorie (d.o.b. 2009) 16,9
Špičková Ema (d.o.b. 2009) 17,0
Vavřinec Martin (d.o.b. 2007) 19,5
Jaroš Daniel (d.o.b. 2010) 20,9
Neústupný Bruno (d.o.b. 2009) 21,6
Holman Matěj (d.o.b. 2004) 21,9
Kalinová Veronika (d.o.b. 2008) 31,2
Bouše Ondřej (d.o.b. 2008) 31,6

Are you interested in?

Do you have a child who loves to play golf and wants to improve his or her skills? Would you like to get more information about the Junior Group project?

We will be happy to answer any enquiries on mobile +420 725 491 315 or e-mail klub@grcm.cz.

Become a sponsor

Have you been thinking about supporting junior golf? Become a sponsor of the Junior Group and you will transparently see where your money goes.

Other representatives HCP
Representative players with individual club support:
Hricíková Sarah +4,6
Andrýsová Anna +4,3
Csicsayová Jana +2,8
Beková Linda +0,6
Chajda Petr 0,9
Attila Pál 2,4
Supported professional players:
Hejna Jan PRO