Hole no. 13

Par 5 going around a forest


What's going on in the resort?

Par 5
Stroke Index 4
Time for hole 0:19
Time from 1st tee 3:02
454 m
446 m
420 m
394 m
379 m

Strategic par 5 with water on the right side and out of bounds on the left. Long and well positioned drive is definitely an advantage here.

The golfer is faced with a decision - should I cut the dogleg over the forest or should I lay up and leave myself with a short wedge to the green?

Shorter players should play second shot along the forest and place themselves in a comfortable position on the fairway for approach.

For the long hitters local knowledge is at a premium, as if you choose to try and reach the green in two, you are faced with a long blind carry over a forest.

Long and narrow classic saddle shaped green requires the golfer to be accurate as the green is highly undulating and long puts can be a gamble at best.

Birdie card for the 13th hole

Fly over the hole

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Local rules

  • Penalty areas (yellow stakes) - dry stream ahead of fairway.
  • Penalty areas (red stakes) - bushes on the left side (out in infinity), pond on the right side.