Credit Play card

Your golf wallet which lets you play for fabulous prices


What's going on in the resort?

  • Play for up to 45 % discounted rates

    First-class 18 holes in Prague will cost you about 1 000 CZK even on the weekends.

  • Do not be tied up to one golf course only

    Play also at Albatross, Loreta Pyšely, Panorama Kácov, Greensgate Dýšina and Karlštejn golf resorts for great prices.

  • No time limit for using the credit

    Credit Play is not bound to a calendar year. You can be using the credit during several golf seasons. Credit Play does not expire if you are traveling abroad or having health issues.

  • The card is transferable

    You can share the card with up to 3 other golfers therefore is ideal to share with family members, friends or co-workers.

  • Pay green fee also to your friends

    You can use your credit to pay for the full flight and every co-player will get the same Credit Play discount. Invite your business partners for a round of golf.

  • Golf without restrictions

    On our golf course you are a full-blown player and you golf whenever you want. There is no need to register in advance or to be worried tee times are fully booked.

  • Use credit to pay for balls and buggies

    Leave a wallet in your pocket. Apart from green fee you can also use Credit Play to pay for driving range balls or buggy rental, both for discounted rates.

Who is Credit Play for?

Credit Play is an alternative to a standard membership and an annual fees, as you know them from other Czech golf resorts. You put down a selected amount of money and get a card that entitles you to receive most of the golf course services with a significant discount. Credit Play card is suitable for golfers who want to often play at Black Bridge Golf Resort but do not want any commitments and do not want to pay regular annual fees.

How much do I save with Credit Play?

You can use Credit Play to pay for a green fee, driving range balls or electrical buggy rental. In all these cases you will receive heavily discounted rates. Discounts on driving range balls (35 %) and buggy rentals (20 %) are fixed and are identical for all Credit Play types.

The green fee discount (from 15 % to 35 %) is depending on how much money you deposit on your Credit Play card. Credit play discount can be combined with 15 % discount for our golf club members and therefore can reach up to 45 % (discounts are applied one-by-one, first the membership discount is applied, then the Credit Play discount is applied). This means that you can play the Black Bridge course for almost half price!

Credit Play Discount
green fee
Discount green fee
GCBBR member
Discount driving
range balls
buggy rental
50 000 CZK 35 % 45 % 35 % 20 %
40 000 CZK 30 % 41 % 35 % 20 %
30 000 CZK 25 % 36 % 35 % 20 %
20 000 CZK 20 % 32 % 35 % 20 %
10 000 CZK 15 % 28 % 35 % 20 %

Here is a scenario to show how Credit Play works. Let's say you are a golfer who got Credit Play for 50 000 CZK and came to Black Bridge to play 18 holes on the weekend. Regular green fee would be 1 950 CZK, but with Credit Play described as above you would only pay 1 268 CZK. And even more - you would be able to get the same price for all your fellow golfers in the flight.

And what's more - if you were a Black Bridge golf club member you would receive additional discount and therefore will only pay 1 077 CZK (the same would apply to all your fellow golfers – members of our golf resort – if you pay for them). All green fees and other services (e.g. buggy rental or payment for training balls etc.) will be automatically deducted from your Credit Play discount.

Credit Play Day Regular fee Discounted fee GCBBR member fee
50 000 CZK Monday
Tuesday - Friday
Weekend, Holidays
1 250 CZK
1 650 CZK
1 950 CZK
813 CZK
1 073 CZK
1 268 CZK
691 CZK
912 CZK
1 077 CZK
40 000 CZK Monday
Tuesday - Friday
Weekend, Holidays
1 250 CZK
1 650 CZK
1 950 CZK
875 CZK
1 155 CZK
1 365 CZK
744 CZK
982 CZK
1 160 CZK
30 000 CZK Monday
Tuesday - Friday
Weekend, Holidays
1 250 CZK
1 650 CZK
1 950 CZK
938 CZK
1 238 CZK
1 463 CZK
797 CZK
1 052 CZK
1 243 CZK
20 000 CZK Monday
Tuesday - Friday
Weekend, Holidays
1 250 CZK
1 650 CZK
1 950 CZK
1 000 CZK
1 320 CZK
1 560 CZK
850 CZK
1 122 CZK
1 326 CZK
10 000 CZK Monday
Tuesday - Friday
Weekend, Holidays
1 250 CZK
1 650 CZK
1 950 CZK
1 063 CZK
1 403 CZK
1 658 CZK
903 CZK
1 192 CZK
1 409 CZK

Specific green fees after applying all discounts are listed in the chart above. Prices are valid for 18 holes according to the current pricelist.

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Where else you can play with Credit Play?

Green fees for 18 holes

Day Usual price Your price You save
Tue - Thu 2 200 CZK 1 850 CZK 350 CZK
Fri - Sun 2 600 CZK 2 200 CZK 400 CZK
Every Credit Play owner is entitled to 16 rounds of golf at Albatross per month and every time can also pay for co-players in a flight.
Loreta Pyšely
Day Usual price Your price You save
Mon - Fri 1 550 CZK 1 290 CZK 260 CZK
Sat - Sun 1 850 CZK 1 550 CZK 300 CZK
Every Credit Play owner is entitled to 16 rounds of golf at Loreta per month and every time can also pay for co-players in a flight.
Day Usual price Your price You save
Mon - Fri 2 000 CZK 1 250 CZK 750 CZK
Sat - Sun 3 000 CZK 1 450 CZK 1 550 CZK
Every Credit Play owner is entitled to 16 rounds of golf at Karlštejn per month and every time can also pay for co-players in a flight.

Golf packages Stay & Play
for holders of Credit Play 30 000 CZK and higher

Panorama Kácov
Day Usual price Your price You save
Mon - Thu 3 650 CZK 3 285 CZK 365 CZK
Fri - Sun 3 850 CZK 3 465 CZK 385 CZK

Price is per person per day. Package includes:

  • accommodation in a shared double room with breakfast,
  • unlimited golf play on the day,
  • buggy rental and access to the practice areas.
Greensgate - Dýšina
Day Usual price Your price You save
Mon - Thu 5 200 CZK 4 680 CZK 520 CZK
Fri - Sun 5 700 CZK 5 130 CZK 570 CZK

Price is for 2 persons per day. Package includes:

  • accommodation in an apartment for one night with breakfast,
  • unlimited golf play on the day,
  • unlimited balls for driving during your stay.

The great thing about Credit Play is that it does not just force you to play the Black Bridge course, but you can also use it to visit other partner resorts. Plus, you will get a significant discount on green fees and you can bring your friends too!

For this cooperation, we select only high-quality courses that are relatively easy to reach from Prague or are ideal for a weekend trip to the countryside. Currently, you can use the credit to buy green fees at Albatross Golf Resort, Loreta Pyšely and Karlštejn or a golf package at Panorama Kácov and Greensgate Dýšina. And that's not all, other opportunities to play will gradually increase.

To pay for a round of golf on a partner courses is easy. Just book a tee time or stay as usual and the only extra thing you will have to do is to inform Black Bridge reception about where you plan to use the card and what exactly you plan to pay for.

We will verify your identity and give you or send you the green fee or stay voucher numbers. Then you will simply use these vouchers to checkout in the target destination. The exact amount (according to the above price list) will be deducted from your Credit Play account and you play with a discount. After handing voucher numbers, the game could not be canceled.

Occasionally you can get an even better price from given golf course (tournament fee, greens after aeration etc.). In such cases, we suggest to pay the fee directly and save your credit for another time.

We recommend that you inform us about planning a round of golf at one of our partner resorts in advance (preferably at the same time as you book a tee time) but if you only call us when you are already standing on the parking lot of the partner golf resort we can deal with that as well.

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Additional benefits for Credit Play holders

  • 20% discount on fitting and club service from Tee Time Store, a company that operates at our driving range.
  • 20% discount on infrared heater at the driving range. Make your winter training for the next season in a heated cubicle more enjoyable.
  • Gifts for purchasing or topping up Credit Play 50 000 CZK from our partners: voucher for 500 CZK from Golf House, voucher for 500 CZK from Umění vína and a charge card for 1 000 CZK to Wellness Infinit Sen.

Is it better than a regular membership?

Comparing to regular memberships with expensive and mandatory annual fees, here are the main advantages:

  • You can play at different golf resorts. You will be based at Black Bridge but at the same time have the opportunity to play at other first-rate golf resorts that are reachable from Prague.
  • The Credit Play card is transferable. You can share it with up to three family members, co-workers or business partners. You can also use the card for paying for co-players in a flight.
  • Credit on the card is not time-limited. It transfers automatically from year to year. You can use the credit during several seasons, depending on how often you can or want to play.
  • You will easily pay for the green fee, driving range balls or buggy or anything else you might need for your golf event. You will never need to look for your wallet in haste again.

Why it is better than virtual clubs?

Here are the main advantages of Credit Play comparing to a virtual club memberships:

  • You can play at Black Bridge for extremely low rates. With Credit Play card you can play 18 holes for about 1 000 CZK even on weekends. You can also combine discount on green fee with a discount for Black Bridge club members. In this case the green fee comes nearly to a half price.
  • You are not limited and you can go play whenever you want. There is no need to register online in advance or to hope that there is a tee time still available on your favourite golf course. You are a full-fledge player at Black Bridge Golf Resort.
  • You are fully informed about your golf expenses. Once a week we will send you an e-mail with detailed summary of all your expenses and a new total.

Order Credit Play online

How does the ordering work?

Are you interested in getting Credit Play card? Please fill in an order form and we will prepare all the necessary documents. After this you only stop at our reception, deposit a selected amount of money and enjoy all the benefits.

By submitting the order form you declare that all filled data are truthful and you consent to the processing of your data in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation to set up your Credit Play account and for marketing purposes.

Payment by QR code

Other important information

To receive a selected discount you have to deposit a required amount at once (at the reception or using a bank transfer to account 77222277/0600). The same rule applies if you are adding money to an already existing card. If you deposited 30 000 CZK to your card at the beginning and then used all the credit, next time you have to deposit another 30 000 CZK to receive the same discount. You also have an option to switch to a higher discount program (i.e. to deposit higher amount than 30 000 CZK) or, on the contrary, choose an option with less benefits.

You can also cancel an already existing Credit Play card. In this case we will charge a 30 % cancellation fee of unused credit and will give you back the rest.

Credit Play can be used to purchase a Prague Golf Card (regional golf card). Stop by at the reception and we will create a card entitled on your name. Price of the card will then be deducted from your credit balance.

Reduced green fee at club tournaments (Cool Golf Tour, handicap days etc.) can also be paid from the credit deposit, although the discount will be lower than in case of standard green fee rates. Credit Play discount on tournament fees is 25 %, 20 %, 15 %, 10 % or 5 % (according to the deposited amount).

Credit Play discount cannot be combined with Happy Hours green fees. The discount is always applied to the basic green fee rate for the given day of the week. However, you can choose freely between Happy Hours and Credit Play prices whichever is better for you at the moment.

For technical reasons it is not possible to use the credit for paying the green fee in case you are using discount for registered seniors. In such case you have to pay directly at the reception in cash or by card.

Stay & Play golf packages can be covered from credit once every 14 days at most.

Credit Play is not meant for business clientele nevertheless we are able to create a product to suit your company needs. It can be either a company card, a benefit for your employees or a product that would finance a commercial tournaments. The company credit can include fees, training balls and other services and can be used by an unlimited number of persons. In either case you will only pay for what you have used. Please contact us on or telephone number +420 725 519 020. We will be happy to assist you with any requests.