Ladies Days at Black Bridge

Five ladies only tournament events with rich additional program


What's going on in the resort?

No men allowed…

We would like to invite you to a Black Bridge Ladies Tour. Events dedicated to ladies became a club tradition and there is going to be five golf tournaments this year.

Besides golf, there are going to be special entertainment for women from our partners. You can look forward to food and wine tasting, fashion shows, workshops, cosmetic presentations etc.

Tournaments are available for all levels of golfers, there is no handicap limit. You can either choose to play standard 18 holes or a shorter round of 9 holes.

Do no hesitate to come and enjoy your day!

Scheduled tournaments
May 12th (Sunday)
Black Bridge Ladies Day
June 1st (Saturday)
Black Bridge Ladies Day
June 21st (Friday)
Black Bridge Ladies Day
August 11th (Sunday)
Black Bridge Ladies Day
September 21st (Saturday)
Black Bridge Ladies Day
Each event will have various partners that will handle the accompanying program and also deliver part of tournament prizes.

Ladies Days partners

Would you like to become a tour partner?

Our manager Jana Nevrklová will answer all your questions.

+420 725 519 020