Hole no. 15

An island par 3 where lots of balls ended up in the water


What's going on in the resort?

Par 3
Stroke Index 8
Time for hole 0:14
Time from 1st tee 3:36
127 m
127 m
108 m
102 m
81 m

Standing on the tee, one must keep their adrenalin level in check as your target is surrounded by water.

Club selection can be tricky as the wind here to be unpredictable.

Apart from the normal water hazard rule, which is applicable when you hit your ball into the water, there is a drop zone provided to the rear of the green beside the cart path.

A receptive green sloped towards the tee has some big undulation and golfers should be aware of bunker behind the green.

Birdie card for the 15th hole

Fly over the hole

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17. 11. 2016 Jiří Král
7. 8. 2016 Tu Nguyen Anh
25. 7. 2013 Markéta Spohrová

Local rules

  • Unmovable obstructions - stone wall around the green.
  • Penalty areas the pond surrounding an island green marked by yellow stakes.
  • Drop zone at the left end of fairway which you can use when your shot goes directly into the water.
  • Sandy Wasters – areas with yellow sand near water. Grounding your club is promoted here.