Kids club and babysitting

We offer babysitting and other programs for children directly within the resort


What's going on in the resort?

Introducing kids club

There is a specialized building for kids which is separated from other resorts buildings in Black Bridge. It offers a brand new playing room for children where they can do many activities like drawing, modeling, singing, practicing, act playing, growing plants, reading and many others.

Payment for babysitting has to be made at the club reception and you are to pay for every initial hour. Black Bridge resort is fully insured against any accidents, loss or damage.

We highly recommend to make the reservation day ahead (ideally together with booking a tee time) at the club reception or through mobile phone +420 602 413 843. Any later reservations will not be guaranteed.

Program no. 1: Supervising kids from 3 years of age

  • Supervising pre-school aged or young school aged kids.
  • An opportunity to play golf with no worries about your children.
  • We focus on children education and advancement.
  • Snack and refreshments included.

Program no. 2: Younger children up to 3 years

  • Supervising babies from 6 weeks to 3 years of age.
  • There is always one nurse for each baby.
  • Babysitting must be booked a day in advance.
  • If any additional requirement needed just lets us know ahead.
Kids club prices
Program no. 1:
Kids from 3 years
250 CZK
(per 1 child for 1 hour)
Program no. 2:
Kids up to 3 years
300 CZK
(per 1 child for 1 hour)