Hole no. 9

A shorter par 5 with a good chance to birdie for longer golfers


What's going on in the resort?

Par 5
Stroke Index 11
Time for hole 0:18
Time from 1st tee 2:02
427 m 312 m
427 m 258 m
419 m
381 m
363 m

A short par 5 with a pronounced right hand dogleg, rewards golfers that hit a long accurate tee shot a chance to get to the green in two.

The strategy here is to play down the right side but be aware of out of bounds and well placed bunker. Golfers now have to make a decision, do I go for the over the bio zone or do I lay up and rely on my wedge?

Golfers can use the restaurant as their target line for their lay up as the fairway runs downhill and out of sight.

The green is large and only slightly undulating but golfers must be aware of strategically placed front side bunker.

Birdie card for the 9th hole

Fly over the hole

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Local rules

  • Out of bounds are marked with white stakes going along the entire right side of the hole.
  • Penalty areas marked with purple stakes (environmentally sensitive areas) in front of the green, entry or play is not allowed (follow the rule 17).