Hole no. 7

Long par 4 with difficult tee shot and a significant elevation


What's going on in the resort?

Par 4
Stroke Index 3
Time for hole 0:16
Time from 1st tee 1:32
410 m 198 m
389 m 130 m
349 m
315 m
267 m

The very challenging tee shot require a long carry over the bio zone. Do not expect your ball to run as the landing zone is a heavy up slope to the green.

Tee shots that do not carry the bio zone are to use the drop zone at the beginning of the fairway.

A long approach shot requires accuracy. Do not forget to take an extra club to compensate for the elevated green.

Highly undulating green that is sectioned into quadrants. Try to leave the ball below the hole because downhill putts are very fast especially on the left side.

Birdie card for the 7th hole

Fly over the hole

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Local rules

  • Out of bounds marked by the white stakes on the right side (ends next to the penalty area).
  • Penalty areas (yellow stakes) - a stream between the tee and the fairway.
  • Penalty areas (red stakes) - bushy planting on the right side behind the stream.
  • Drop zone at the beginning of the fairway which you can use when you hit a bad tee shot going into the penalty area.