Hole no. 3

Hard and long hole with a lot of traps


What's going on in the resort?

Par 4
Stroke Index 7
Time for hole 0:15
Time from 1st tee 0:27
422 m 285 m
395 m 218 m
395 m
368 m
342 m

One of the courses most challenging holes. Players are often faced with a decision whether to continue to the fourth tee or just get in their car and go home.

Be careful of out of bounds down the right hand side, but long drives are rewarded with distance as the landing zone is a steep downhill.

The approach shot can be tricky if the ball rests on the down slope. Be careful of the out of bounds surrounding the green.

The hole is difficult so even bogey is considered a good score, but a good chip can always save par.

The green is not undulating but be careful of pin placements as the greens can be quick.

Birdie card for the 3rd hole

Fly over the hole

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Local rules

  • Out of bounds marked by the white stakes on the right side along the driving range and behind the green.
  • Penalty areas marked with the red stakes on the left side along the bicycle path (out in infinity).