Hole no. 2

Easier par 3 with a significant elevation


What's going on in the resort?

Par 3
Stroke Index 15
Time for hole 0:13
Time from 1st tee 0:14
132 m 104 m
132 m 76 m
124 m
114 m
108 m

The green is elevated above the tees so remember to take an extra club. But the green is not protected by bunkers.

Yardage accuracy is important because of the false front and out of bounds slightly beyond on the green.

Be cautious of pin placements as the green heavy slope and down hill puts can end up off the green.

Birdie card for the 2nd hole

Fly over the hole

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15. 10. 2019 Vladimír Frank
13. 6. 2014 Tomáš Lux
14. 7. 2013 Jan Kocián
23. 8. 2012 Markus König

Local rules

  • Out of bounds marked by white stakes on the left side and behind the green.