Klára Spilková

Since 2012 Black Bridge has been proud to cooperate with Klara Spilková


What's going on in the resort?

Klára and Black Bridge

Black Bridge resort provides a long-term support to Klára Spilková - the best Czech female golfer. We are trying to offer her the best training facilities in her preparation to achieve success on the Ladies European Tour (LET), to qualify on the US LPGA Tour and to represent the Czech Republic at the Summer Olympics.

Klára praises the excellent training areas at Black Bridge, especially the best greens in Prague that are able to match European Tour conditions.

We wish Klara many golf success and good luck in the tournaments. Cheer with us!

Klára Spilková with her game coach Lukáš Martinec

Kids days and events with Klára

There are many opportunities to meet Klára personally in the resort through the year. The most popular events are small tournaments and days full of games for kids. Keep your eye on the latest news so you do not miss the next event.

Press release

Prague, June 6th, 2012 - The Czech Republics highest ranked professional female golfer, Klára Spilková, has started her long-term cooperation with Golf Resort Black Bridge in Prague. This championship golf course with par 72 and the length of 6 190 meters has become a training facility for top players.

After a long search for the finest place to prepare for Ladies European Tour tournaments, Klára Spilková decided to join her forces with the best - Golf Resort Black Bridge.

"I am really happy to be a part of the Black Bridge Golf Resort. It is a really nice golf course with perfect practice areas and the best green speed which is very hard to find the Czech Republic. I am really looking forward to training here," Klára Spilková comments on the cooperation.

Club president Pavel Švehla adds: "Cooperation is scheduled until 2016 when Rio de Janeiro introduces golf to the Olympic Games. Professional golfers like Klára can not do things all on their own. Black Bridge plans to provide her with the foundation and support to give her the best chance at success."

Klára Spilková