Lifetime membership

Become an integral part of the Black Bridge family


What's going on in the resort?

  • Exclusive option to purchase an unlimited fee

    Lifetime members are the only ones that can play without limits at Black Bridge. Just pay an annual fee and then you play the whole season for free.

  • Special discounts on resort services

    You do not pay a full price for practice balls, buggy rental, golf coach or refreshments. Everything is more affordable in your home club.

  • Pay the entrance fee in installments

    Is the starting fee for entering the club too high for you? Divide it into several smaller payments over the period up to 3 years.

  • Choose your amount of payment each year

    Plan to play a lot? Pay an annual playing fee. Are you out of the country or are you having health problems? Just make a minimum maintenance payment.

A lifetime membership

Lifetime membership offers an unique opportunity to receive annual green fee and to secure unlimited access to our golf course. You receive a long-term value by purchasing a lifetime membership as you become a part of all the happenings at first-class golf resort with a unique location at Prague's suburbs.

When entering the club golfers pay a one-time entry fee. Every season you can then choose whether to pay a playing fee (which includes an annual green fee and an unlimited play) or a maintenance fee (which includes other benefits, incl. 15% discount on green fee).

This saves you from needlesly wasting money if one year you do not want to or can not play regularly. Lifetime membership can also be transferred to other golfer.

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Annual playing fees
Adults 33 000 CZK
Seniors (60 years and over) 24 000 CZK
Juniors (up to 16 years) 17 000 CZK
Free and unlimited play whole year after you pay the annual playing fee.
Annual maintenance fees
Adults 3 000 CZK
Juniors (up to 16 years) 1 000 CZK
The maintenance fee does not include unlimited play but it does include all other benefits.
Entrance fees
New lifetime member 120 000 CZK

Lifetime membership benefits

Basic club benefits:

  • An exclusive offer of an annual playing fee.
  • 15% discount on green fee (if you did not purchase a playing fee).
  • 50% discount on driving range balls.
  • 25% discount on buggy (cart) and locker rental.
  • 20% discount on lessons with local coach or contracted PGA coach.
  • 15% discount on driving range refreshments.
  • Possibility to invite your friend for 18 holes up to 8 times a year for a single price 1000 CZK.
  • Free participation in the match play club championship.
  • Golf club member insurance.
  • Registration with the Czech Golf Federation.

Discounts offered by our partners:

  • -15 % on refreshments at club restaurant
  • -10 % on golf accessories sold at the reception

Please present valid membership card to receive a discount.

Other important information

Membership installments

Divide your club entrance fee into several small payments. We offer annual or monthly installments spread over a period of three years.

Transfer of memberships

Lifetime Black Bridge Golf Resort membership can be transferred to another person after a full payment of the entrance fee. One-time transfer fee is 10 000 CZK.

Online club registration

Before joining the club you have to agree with the membership terms and regulations

How the registration work?

We will quickly process your completed registration form and approve the application. Membership will become active once you cover the club fee.

If you decided to have a home membership in Black Bridge club, please inform your previous club about the change.

By submitting the registration form you declare that all filled data are truthful and you consent to the processing of your data in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation for marketing purposes and to hand over data to Czech Golf Federation for the purpose of player registration.

Membership fee payment

Membership fee can be paid either at our reception (cash or card) or by transfer to club bank account 88777788/0600.

If paying by bank transfer please use your Czech Golf Federation membership number (without a hyphen) as a variable symbol.