Hole no. 11

A difficult dogleg to the left threatening with water hazard and out of bounds


What's going on in the resort?

Par 4
Stroke Index 2
Time for hole 0:15
Time from 1st tee 2:32
395 m
362 m
338 m
338 m
245 m

A tee shot designed to test driver accuracy with short carry over water and bunkers placed on the inside of the dogleg. Golfers must watched their distance or the bunker on the outside of the dogleg comes into play.

Be careful not to be overly aggressive and cut of too much of the dogleg as the bungalow insight are out of the bounds.

Ladies can disregard the above hole description as the hole has specifically placed tee to make it straight forward par four.

The approach shot can be long but straight forward and be aware of the out of bounds to the left.

Another quadrant green. Always try to leave the ball below the hole as downhill putts can be quick.

Birdie card for the 11th hole

Fly over the hole

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Local rules

  • Out of bounds are marked by white stakes on the left side along apartments and near fencing behind the green.
  • Penalty areas - pond in front of the tees marked with yellow stakes.
  • Drop zone across the pond near to the red tees which you can use when you hit a bad tee shot going into the pond.