Credit Driving Range card

Make Black Bridge Golf Resort your personal training centre


What's going on in the resort?

  • Significant discount on training balls

    You can reach the price 1 CZK per ball which is one of the lowest rates in Prague.

  • Automated golf ball machines read the card

    There is no need to ask at the reception for driving range tokens. You just go to the machine, get the number of balls required and start practicing!

  • No time limit for using the credit

    You can use your credit during several seasons, depending on how often you can or want to play. Just come when you are in the training mood.

  • The card is transferable

    You may lend it to your family members, friends or co-workers. It is not a problem to pay for your co-players in the flight.

Who is Credit Driving Range for?

This product is suitable for golfers who often come practice on a driving range and who think that “the harder you practice, the luckier you get”, but who do not want to go for our Credit Play product yet.

You get a special Credit Driving Range card by depositing money at the reception. The card will then help you to obtain driving range balls comfortably and for a discounted rate.

The card is also suitable for golfers who just got their green card or who are preparing for green card exams. Credit Driving Range will allow you to practice regularly for affordable rates and you can even purchase the product together with your friends and support each other in practicing.

How much can I save with Credit Driving Range?

The pre-paid amount on your card can be progressively used for getting driving range balls. You get from 15 CZK to 50 CZK discount for every 50 balls (which equals to one driving range machine token). The discount received is dependable on the amount you deposited to your card.

Deposit amount Number of buckets Price for 50 balls Price per ball
5 000 CZK 100 50 CZK 1.00 CZK
3 000 CZK 50 60 CZK 1.20 CZK
1 900 CZK 25 76 CZK 1.52 CZK
850 CZK 10 85 CZK 1.70 CZK
Without Credit Driving Range 100 CZK 2.00 CZK

See the chart above for detailed list of all discounts available. Prices are listed according to current price list.